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Articulating Cranes

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Commercial Truck equipment carries a large range of articulated or knuckle boom cranes. Articulated truck cranes are used in the Construction, Oil & Gas, Marine, Mining, Construction, Transportation and Forestry industries throughout Western Canada.

We represent three articulated truck crane manufacturers that offer over 100 models of knuckle boom truck cranes to suit a wide range of applications. These articulated truck cranes or Folding cranes have a lift capacity up to 200 T.

With the growth of building construction and the need to place wallboard or drywall into an elevated work site the use of the articulated wallboard truck crane is a good match.

Marine applications are ideal for the articulated folding crane. Mounted on a boat, barge or dock the knuckle boom cranes, because of their maneuverability make the articulated crane the ideal marine crane.

In the oil & gas industry, the need to get goods to the job site quickly have resulted in the hot shot articulated crane truck being the preferred choice. These oilfield supply trucks are equipped with a picker (articulated) crane to make the job easier.

Servicing equipment in the field demands that an articulated crane be mounted on the field service truck.
Parts & Service: we have parts and service for all makes of articulated cranes

Advantages of Knuckle Boom Cranes (Hiab Cranes, Picker Cranes)

Often called picker cranes, hiabs, or knuckle booms (because the boom has two joints, and folds down like the knuckles in your finger) have always been popular in Europe, and are becoming more popular in Canada. Articulating cranes have a more compact size and offer several advantages:

  • Greater payload weight – because the Knuckle boom crane is lighter more payload allows the same delivery to be done in fewer trips.
  • Greater installation flexibility – the articulated crane can be mounted behind the cab, or at the rear, allowing the weight to be distributed on the axels front or rear as needed by the work truck application.
  • More maneuverable – where as stiff boom cranes are good at lifting a load high into the air, articulating truck cranes excel at lifting loads horizontally. For example, think about delivering drywall to a residential location. The drywall picker crane can easily pull in from the back yard lift directly off the deck, over the fence and place on the customer’s back yard. The increased control of a drywall knuckleboom crane allows the wallboard loads to be maneuvered around obstacles on the job site and the truck can be loaded and unloaded faster so you can get to the next job site quicker.
  • Multiple attachments – common attachments include pallet forks, grapples, buckets, and more.
  • Shorter set up times – articulating cranes typically pick with a load hook instead of a winch so set up times are usually quicker.
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